Thank you! This client retention report has helped tremendously. I look back at the Dr's notes for the patients without upcoming reminders and see that maybe the patient was recommended to have an ultrasound in 6 months or recheck labwork in 3 months or maybe just a diagnostic exam in 1 year. I then go ahead and enter the reminder code to ensure the future visit will be requested.

Robin SmithPractice Manager
Guilford Jamestown Veterinary Hospital
Greensboro, NC

We first worked with Vet Metrics in 2008 until they were bought in 2012. When we learned Dr. Hank Swartz had co-founded Boomerang Vet we immediately engaged them to improve our preventive care and reminder performance. Boomerang Vet’s focus on proactive healthcare client communications is perfectly suited for our 5 doctor two location practice with a reputation of practicing very high quality veterinary medicine. We consider our relationship with Boomerang Vet and Dr. Swartz to be an integral and very necessary part of our professional team.

Dr. Tony ScriffignanoOwner of Verona and
Montclair Animal Hospitals

Dr. Gary reported that compliance for her practice’s senior health screenings have gone up 3x since starting on Boomerang Vet reminders just two months ago! Clients are very receptive to the importance of senior screening since the need and importance is communicated by Boomerang Vet on each senior pet’s reminder. Clients love their breed pictures; they really notice the Boomerang Vet reminders.

Dr. Mary GaryOwner of Hometown Animal Hospital

Boomerang Vet has proven to me that its services and support team will improve the bottom line of a practice by increasing client compliance with wellness and preventative care. I have seen how response rates increase in practices that switch to Boomerang Vet as well as an increase in client retention. The quality of the reminder postcard is exemplary as is their practice growth expertise and hands-on service that the Boomerang Vet team offers in customizing their product for each practice.

Marshall Liger, LVT, CVPMPractice Manager Bees Ferry VH and
Practice Management Consultant

Boomerang Vet is superior to any existing reminder service. We have tried three different providers since we were last on Vet Metrics three years ago. In just a matter of weeks on Boomerang Vet, we have improved our response rate by eight more reminder visits per week, we are on pace to increase reminder revenue by over $80,000 for 12 months and we have doubled our client retention rate, all without any work on my part. In a day and age when we wonder which marketing programs generate an ROI, Boomerang has proven to me that they are experts. I am so thankful I made the switch.

Tamara MalascencoPractice Manager at
Smith and Shedd Family Pet Hospital

I searched and researched for 6 months to find the optimal resource for our reminder and recall system. I found it with Boomerang Vet. As the owner of multiple practices, I know how important it is to market internally to our clients. It is our job to provide their pets with the best care possible and that starts with client communications. Boomerang Vet just gets it! They understand reminders and preventive care performance are more than just postcard mailings but the correct communications and recalls at the right time analyzed for the best result. Boomerang Vet's reminder performance assessment identifies the gaps and provides the correct solutions.

Dr. David Thurmond Owner of The WellPet Center and
West Oaks Animal Hospital