Today’s veterinarians are finding it more challenging to realize practice growth. A comprehensive reminder strategy is perhaps the most effective practice growth tool available to veterinarians. Unfortunately, because limited reminder performance data exists, this critical tool is often overlooked or underutilized. Boomerang Vet delivers an effective reminder solution that provides the client with the information to prompt action, while meeting the objectives of the practice: maximize responses, compliance, revenue and ROI.

The most efficient path to growth leveraging reminders is as simple as 1-2-3:
1. Focus on existing clients and pets
2. Educate clients on the most pervasive patient needs – Preventive Care
3. Generate client/patient visits with a highly efficient marketing strategy

Focus on Existing Clients

As you know, it’s far more expensive to attract new clients than to motivate existing ones to consume additional services or products. That’s why the bulk of our marketing effort is focused on improving the three core practice growth opportunities:

  • Increase Compliance
  • Increase Pet Visits
  • Extend Client Loyalty and Retention

Initial Reminder Performance Assessment

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past 15 years, it’s that “one size does NOT fit all”. That’s why we begin each engagement with a Reminder Performance Assessment. Through this process, we compare the practice’s historical performance with Boomerang Vet’s proprietary benchmarks resulting in the creation of a custom Preventive Care Roadmap for each practice.

Boomerang Vet’s Reminder Performance Assessment will:

  • Assess historic reminder and preventive care performance
  • Identify prevalent gaps in current systems
  • Provide immediate solutions to address these gaps

By then engaging Boomerang Vet services we will optimize reminder performance across multiple communication channels to increase reminder visits, revenue and client retention.

Hometown Animal Hospital
Reminder Postcard

It Begins with Reminders

We deliver the highest performing, most cost effective solution available today:

  1. Larger format postcard garners a higher response rate
  2. Patent pending reminder processing incorporates 16 exclusive attributes proven to
    maximize performance and increase response rate 3X
  3. Captures pets/clients not currently receiving communications and expands your desired
  4. Compatible with all client communication portals and marketing platforms
  5. Proprietary analytics and reporting to identify missed opportunities and demonstrate
  6. Cost is 20% less than comparable reminder services

Preventive Care

In order to reverse the current trend in declining preventive care visits, practices must adopt a proactive approach. Boomerang Vet has “cracked the code” in creating custom preventive care strategies for our client practices. Our approach reduces the complexity and addresses the challenges of creating proven, successful, custom preventive care programs for individual practices.

At Boomerang Vet, we provide each practice with a Preventive Care Roadmap that optimizes client communications, improves compliance, increases the frequency of visits, and extends client loyalty. We’ve found that committed pet owners, who are effectively educated, will do the utmost to meet their pets’ healthcare needs.

Preventive care, or wellness services and products, are applicable to essentially all pets served by a veterinary practice, making it an obvious area for growth. Our communication model incorporates 16 proprietary elements, each important in achieving the desired result, but collectively driving unparalleled performance.
Boomerang Vet offers a highly effective Client Communication Strategy designed to:

  1. Target existing clients and pets with personalized recommendations for their individual pets
  2. Educate clients on the most pervasive healthcare needs within your existing patient base according to your preventive care guidelines
  3. Employ a proactive approach with a definitive client/pet call to action

With Boomerang Vet, you’ll realize optimized communications performance, improved tracking procedures, and increased client visits – while we do the work! We’ll even train your staff and implement the new system at no additional cost to your practice. Digital Printing is used to provide full-color postcards that are both aesthetically pleasing and contain personalized content. Our postcards are larger in size, professionally designed, cost 20% LESS than any competitor, and permit high levels of personalization.

Platform Compatibility

Designed to be effective and not invasive, the Boomerang Vet solution complements and works seamlessly with all major practice management systems and marketing platforms so there is no disruption to your network.

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